Monthly Member Meetups

As part of our membership family, you are invited to complimentary monthly networking events, including one of our favorites: Monthly Member Meetup. Join us as we learn more about our newest members. We will have light fare, engaging networking and lots of fun!

February 17 @ Riverside with Wolfguard IT | 4-6pm

March 30 @ Brigade | 4-6pm

April 21 @ Riverside - Business Expert Series: Networking | 4-6pm

May 18 @ Gallatin College | 4-6pm

June 7 @ Foxtrot | 3-5pm

August 25 @ Advanced Electronic Design | 4-6pm

September 15 @ Riverside - | 3-5pm

October 27 @ Riverside - Halloween Party| 4-6pm

Not a member, but interested in membership? Are you a big fan of networking? Are you new to Bozeman's business community? Join us as a guest!

Other questions? Contact us at