Propose a Member-Only Business Tour

Propose a Member-Only Business Tour

We are now accepting proposals for 2020

· Tours are usually 2-3 hours in length

· Each business must be a valid Prospera member, at the Contributor level ($600/yr.) or above, at time of sign up and at time of tour.

· Business owner(s) speak briefly about why they started their business, how they financed it, how they market it, their successes and failures, etc. – and then provide behind-the-scenes tour(s).


Typical Tour Agenda (50-75 people)

Tours are typically between the hours of 4-7pm, but we are open to alternative times.

4 – 5pm:

· Arrivals + Open Networking

· Appetizers + Refreshments (usually provided by host)

5 – 5:30pm:

· Round-the-Room Intro’s

· Business owner(s) give a short presentation + Q&A

5:30 – 7pm:

· Behind-the-Scenes Business Tour(s) Open Networking + Departures