Prospera Leads Group: Connect + Grow Your Business

Get more referrals, clients, and sales while elevating your business leadership skills! Prospera’s Leads Group is a networking group of local professionals who meet weekly to build relationships, network, and pass referrals. Applications for leads group are now being accepted on a rolling basis.

Member Expectations

  • Meetings are 1 hour weekly
  • One person from each industry can be in the Group.
  • Leads Group members must be annual Prospera members at the Contributor Level ($600) or higher.
  • Any member that is a part of this networking group needs to have a personal financial stake in the referrals and leads they receive and must be serious about the commitment.
  • Annual dues are $400 per year. Dues are used for the following:
    • The group will be facilitated by a Prospera staff member. This person will also keep track of referral, leads, and attendance.
    • Meeting space.
    • Quarterly social events for the group.
    • Referral and Lead slips.
  • An individual may attend two meetings as a guest, but will need to submit an application for membership prior to attending additional meetings.
  • To avoid conflict it is important that all members be very specific on their applications for the area of focus they are bringing to the group. There cannot be product or service overlap.
  • The membership is for one person from each company. You can have two people as your designated back-ups for times that you cannot attend. See below for further information.
  • If you leave the company you are representing within our group, the membership will default to that company, if they paid your membership dues when you joined. If you have paid for the spot yourself, the membership belongs to you. You can choose to continue that membership in your new position. Ultimately the spot is held by whomever pays the membership; whether a company or the individual.


  • Please make it a priority to be here every week, if for some reason you are unable to attend, a substitute may come in your place.
  • Substitutes: Sending someone in your place to represent your industry, they cannot represent their own industry if it is already represented in the group.
  • Every member is allowed 3 absences per quarter.
  • If you incur more than 3 absences in a quarter, you will be subject to paying at $10 donation to Prospera’s scholarship fund.
  • Please note: As a group, we realize some life events are unavoidable, like a death in the family, illness, travel, etc. Communication within the group will help us to determine when these situations need to be dealt with in a different manner than what is outlined above.
  • We will take all national holidays off.

Referral Expectations

  • Minimum amount of two referrals passed every month (types may include: inside/outside/invite)
    • Inside: Passing yourself as a referral
    • Outside: Passing someone else as a lead
    • Invite: your guest attends a weekly meeting or you ask someone to coffee

Difference between a referral and lead:

  • Referral: You have given a member’s business card or contact information to an individual in need of their services. The person being referred is expecting the member’s phone call, or is planning to contact the member themselves.
  • Lead: A business or service that you feel a member may benefit from but you have not spoken with the lead about the member or their services.

Meeting Agenda

5 minutes: Open networking

20 minutes: Presenter introduction + presentation (each Club member presents quarterly on their topic of choice + featured guest speakers every two months)

5 minutes: Questions for presenter

10 minutes: Commercials + shoutouts

10 minute: Community involvement, wrap up, questions + announcements

Prospera Leads Group 1
Bank of BozemanSusan Hillyerd
Big Sky StaffingAdam Weirich
Dotted iHannah Cortez
FarmacyJeff Smith
JTechKatie Jenkins
Northwestern MutualC. Wilson Smith + Colin McGuire
PayneWestMatt Hedstrom + Nikole Wieweck
Pierce Flooring and Cabinet DesignCheyenne Cobb
Prospera Business NetworkStefanee Lucksley
Republic ServicesAlexis Alloway
Riverside Country ClubMandy Dredge
Small Dog RealtyChad Ward
Supply SquadWeston Phillips
Fruci & Associates, PSNicole McCown
YardGuardSidne Gardner