Boot Camp Bozeman

Richelle Koffman encourages her fitness clients to participate in a community of people who want to be fit and live a healthy active lifestyle; incorporating their friends, family and colleagues. Koffman’s business, Boot Camp Bozeman, uses up-beat music and a variety of exercises and equipment to torch calories, build strength and make new friends. Additionally, Koffman saw a unique opportunity to cater to the outdoor lifestyle in Bozeman by offering classes outside as much as possible.

Koffman worked with the Montana Women’s Business Center (MWBC) to test her mobile boot camp concept and to boot strap the business without a loan.

Her business counseling sessions gave her a creative place to “bounce ideas and not stay in a silo mentality.” Koffman took one strong step at a time to open her business and felt that the staff at Prospera’s MWBC “were there for me both inside and outside the office for support.”