Boosting Sales During COVID-19

Get Creative with Sales During COVID-19

1. Airbnb’s Online Experiences

Try something new together with small groups from around the world. Join tango classes, tarot card readings, farm visits, and more—all while meeting new people. Thanks to the dedication and passion of hosts, you can keep traveling even when you’re staying home.

2. Personal Shopping at your store?

Use Facebook Live, Facetime or Google Duo to talk with customers. Give them the shopping experience they miss and deliver to their door!

3. Pay What You Can Model

Offering classes online? Counseling? Try a sliding scale model to show you care and want to help!

4. Get your social media presence dialed in!

Sell your products on Instagram or Facebook, honestly. We are all home and your posts make a difference!

5. Hop on the bandwagon

Change your Daily Discounts to reflect a different population. 20% products or gift certificates for people in the health care industry, military, people whose names start with P! Get creative and do your announcements on social media!