Give Thanks and Give Back

Get in the spirit of giving back to those who give to you

Ask Suzi: Business Tips + Tricks

Dear Suzi:

This month is Thanksgiving and we want to show our employees that we are thankful for them and all that they do to grow our business! What do you recommend that we do to show that we care? - E.S. Livingston

Dear E.S.-

I love that you are thinking of creative ways to show your employees that you care. This shows so much about your company culture and it’s a great way to retain employees! Here are a few ideas:

1. Host a give and receive “props” meeting (free!)

Set aside some time at the end of a staff meeting for team members to give “props” to anyone else on the team, which fosters an atmosphere of appreciation, respect and teamwork. It's a time to recognize co-workers for their accomplishments and contributions that week in front of the group and show them respect for working hard.

2. Feed them.

Bring in donuts or have a pizza party at lunch on the company dime. This type of reward will not only bring your office together and strengthens their interpersonal relationships, but it will also give them all the feeling of being appreciated.

3. Express your gratitude on social media. (free!)

Recognize your employees on their birthdays and service anniversaries on your social channels. Each post can include a photo and something that highlights that employee's contribution to the organization.

4. Give employees extra time off.

I think the most valuable way to recognize an employee today is through time – that is, time off, time to do something else besides work. It could be family, a hobby, a charity or a short vacation.