Increase Sales & Improve Customer Service

Easy ways to increase sales and improve customer service!

Here are the ways!

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1. Be the best that you can be

a. Write a list of what needs to get done the next day before you leave

b. Do the hardest thing first

c. Check email only 2-3 times per day

d. Put away your phone!

e. Reduce distractions

f. time blocking

2. Customer is always right

a. It takes days, months, sometimes years to get a client

b. One wrong move can lose their business in minutes – and their friends business!

c. Be a problem solver

3. Answer your phone

a. People want to talk to a real person that knows what they are doing

b. If you aren’t there to answer a question, is there a back-up?

c. Return calls within 24 hours

4. What do people see when they walk through your door?

a. Is your office professional looking?

b. Is your staff cross trained? What happens if you are out of town?

c. Excited they are there?

5. Update Google Business Page

a. Encourage your clients to leave reviews

b. Update photos of your location and information each month

c. Feature staff photos

6. Get out there!

a. How do you fill your pipeline with new prospects?

7. Let others know “Their referral is the best compliment”
8. Catch up with your customers

a. Check in to see if they need anything in 2019

b. Are they making any changes?

c. What new products or services you are offering in 2019 that might give them the competitive


9. Practice clear communication with your clients

a. Practice listening and rephrasing

b. Follow up after your meeting to make show that you heard them

-Share your email style!

c. Pricing changes

10. Managers – check in on your employees

a. Customer Service begins in the office. Treat your staff well and they will tell everyone!

b. Ask them what motivates them

c. What are their goals for the year

11. Be on social media

a. PWI encourages this but please get approval prior to launching your own business page.

b. People want to tag you and refer you

c. Be on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram because they all have messaging capabilities

d. Join social media pages like – Bozeman Moms, Secret Bozeman, what else?

12. Think about your clients!

a. Some departments within PWI have quarterly client outreach initiatives (Thank you cards,

birthday cards/cupcake, etc).

b. Wish them Happy birthday in an email or on social media

c. Reach out to them if you see something that might be beneficial for their situation – if you see

them post something on social media reach out to see how you can help.

13. Set up a Customer Referral Program

a. This is left up to individual PWI teams to decide what to do.

b. PWI does not have a customer referral program right now.

c. Teams need to keep in mind rebating laws in MT.

14. Give your staff a reason to get out there and sell, sell, sell.

a. Create a competition within your team to win a prize

b. PWI has upsell/cross sell incentives as well as annual incentives for meeting sales goals.

15. Do the Right Thing

a. At the end of the day, do the right things for your clients and they will be loyal to you