Navigating the Unknown

Covid is changing the face of business at such a rapid pace it is becoming overwhelmingly difficult to know what to do, where to go, and who to listen to.

Guest Author: Josie Caton

Heading into unknown terrain brings with it added stress from increased decision making, fatigue from reorientation, and discomfort due to over-stimulation. At times, this adventure can feel like a daunting adventure. However, the unknown also yields discovery and primes growth. As business leaders, there are handrails we can look to for guidance when navigating a rapidly changing landscape.

When venturing into the unknown, first get clear about purpose. Return to the questions, What is your Why? Who? How? Alignment with core purpose clears the way to trust in the navigation and avoids wasting valuable energy with unnecessary decisions.

Look for undulations in the terrain and consider how different features might aid or slow your progress. For example, is there a project that, while energy intensive, may provide an invaluable vantage of the very landscape you are navigating?

Throughout the journey, remember that balance is not a fixed position; balance is a state of motion. Maintaining balance requires agile reaction, focused attention to the present, and looking ahead. A seasoned mountain biker riding down a rocky trail engages their core and looks ahead to maintain a level head while allowing their bike to absorb bumps and turns at speed. Even speed itself can aid in balance.

In business, leaders too can strengthen the core, look ahead, and develop momentum for agility and responsiveness to changing terrain. In leaving behind the known for the unknown, new opportunities for growth can be found.

Covid continues to layer challenges. At times these challenges may seem insurmountable. The good news is that this changing landscape is navigable and even holds promise of opportunity.

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