Tips to Get Found on Google

If you’re not yet using Google Business to connect to local customers online, then this post is for you!

Author: Tessa Burnett Witmer

Google Business pages are the number one way your customers find your local business online. This is the information that shows up by the map on the computer or on a phone when a customer searches for your business by name or by category.

As consumers, we’ve all experienced the frustration of inaccurate information posted on Google. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll want to keep your hours, location, and phone number updated. Your Google Business Page is your go-to for maintaining that information.

But beyond that, how can you maximize your effectiveness on your Google Business Page?

Google uses three factors to decide which businesses show up in a local search result: Proximity, Prominence, and Relevance.

Proximity is the distance between the searcher and your business. This isn’t something you can change.

Prominence is one of the trickier factors that determines where your business shows up on a Google search. Prominence looks at how well-known your business is. Even if you are well-established in the community, but haven’t been online for long, that’s ok. Google knows that your business has prominence.

Relevance is about how well your listing matches up with what someone is searching for. This is where adding detailed business information can help Google best match your business to the search items when they are googled.

Your page has a variety of tabs and fields that will allow you to describe your business. Including words and phrases that match what your customers are typing into the search box will help you rank in their results. But with so much information available, it can be difficult to know where you should focus your efforts.

I’ve put together some helpful tips to get found on Google searches and maps. Click here to download the free guide, and be sure to sign up for my free Google Business Trainings offered in 2020.

Tessa Burnett Witmer is the owner of Hattie Rex, a handmade gift boutique in Bozeman and online, as well as the founder of Lightbox, a small business consultancy that helps artists sell online. She’s a Prospera trainer offering instruction on Google Business, DIY Websites, and Email marketing.

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