Unemployment 101 For Employees & Workers

Live Zoom Training with Kari Gras, TogetHR Consulting

Understanding how unemployment claims and filing for benefits can be a somewhat confusing process if you don’t understand all of the terminology or how the system works. Especially now with all of the additional government money that was supplemented as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis. Maybe this is the first time you’ve had to file a claim and are confused by all the information; you’re not alone!

Any individual, employee or administrative personnel who would like to understand how this state program runs, how it’s funded, some of the terminology used (like base-period, look-back period, weekly benefit amounts) and what’s required during this COVID time that’s different than what’s normally required.

I’ll provide some simple trouble-shooting tips to avoid when filing for your claims and how to avoid unintentional fraud. What to do if you make an honest mistake in reporting hours worked or reduced hours, income earned, what’s job attached, and generally speaking do you have any Rights?

Yes, employees are protected under a few laws that may come into play during these times: 1) OSHA 2) NLRB 3) FFCRA 4) Worker’s Compensation

As a local trainer and HR Consultant, I enjoy teaching others who are seeking knowledge and a better understanding of systems that can seem complicated and frustrating, especially when we are dealing with finances.

Come with questions and curiosity to walk away with answers and a better understanding.

July 14th from 9-10am

Register Here: https://mtsbdc.ecenterdirect.com/events/4637