Propose a Tour or Hike

Propose a Women-Owned Business Tour or Networking in Nature Hike

We are now accepting proposals for 2019

What you need to know:

  • You must be a Prospera member at the time of application and in good standing to be featured or host a tour
  • Tours are one hour in length / Hikes are 1.5 hours in length
  • We feature two women-owned businesses at each tour or hike. Please apply for both businesses at the same time.
  • For the hikes, we try to feature women who do not have a storefront or physical location
  • Hikes are scheduled for May-Sept. months
  • Each business must be women owned (51% or more)
  • Each business owner talks about why they started their business, how they financed it, how they market it, their successes and failures

Typical TOUR Agenda (25-60 people) - we feature two women-owned businesses in close walking proximity.

· Generally we schedule tours from 12-1PM, but you can make a special request if there is another time that works better for you.

12PM: Meet at Women Owned Business #1

· If the group is less than 50 people, we try to do introductions

· Please have light snacks and refreshments

· Shopping if applicable - coupons are great!

12:10: The business owner talks

12:20: The business owner answers questions from the group/shopping if applicable

12:28: Walk to Business #2, same agenda

Typical HIKE Agenda (25 people) - at the M, Drinking Horse or Triple Tree, May-Sept. months

· Generally we schedule hikes in the morning, but you can make a special request if there is another time that works better for you.

9AM: Meet at Trailhead

· Introductions

· Women Owned business #1 talks (see talking points above) at the trailhead.

· Women Owned Business #2 talks at the top of the trail.

Your Information

Are you and / or your business neighbor members?