Studio MacLeod, 2017 Prosperity Party, Rockin' TJ Ranch

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Prosperity Party

225+ Business Professionals

Annual Fundraiser to benefit the Montana Women's Business Center

Prosperity Party Sponsor Levels & Benefits

Women-Owned Business Tours + Hikes

  • Tours are one hour in length / Hikes are 1.5 hours in length
  • We feature two women-owned businesses at each tour or hike
  • Hikes are for women-owned businesses who do not have a storefront or physical location
  • Hikes are scheduled for May-Sept. months
  • Each business owner talks about why they started their business, how they financed it, how they market it, their successes and failures

Throughout Gallatin & Park Counties

Sponsored by American Bank

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Power Up: Create Your Business, Financial & Marketing Plan (offered monthly)

Power Up course is specifically designed for individuals brand new to business, wanting to start, expand or buy a business, new business owners and individuals looking to start a second business.

3 classes per event, 3 hours per class -

Up to 18 men and women for each 3 week series. To register visit the calendar.

Before You Start - move from employee to business owner | Market Research - feasibility
Financial Analysis - the basics, critical to business success | The Business Plan - growth and profitability
Business Launch - understand legal, financial, insurance, employment and tax requirements.

Link Up May Session

Link Up Business Accelerator for Women: Take your business to the next level with an accountability and education group

Facilitated networking and small business planning for women-owned businesses.

6 sessions, offered every other week for 2 hours focusing on the following topics:

1. Assessing your current business and your needs

2. Becoming accountable for what you want to accomplish

3. Intense learning sessions on business financials, digital marketing, pricing your product or service, and business law do's and dont's with employees, clients, and vendors.


Managing with a Coach Approach - Strategies to effectively grow and develop your team

This course is based on a management book called, Coaching Illustrated by Mark David. The course highlights four specific principles in the book and breaks them down and applies them to real life management scenarios the class participants face in their day to day work environments.

During the course, participants learn strategies to effectively grow and develop their teams using a coaching style to management. This is a great course for anyone new to management as well as any manager or director who struggles with building rapport with a team and simultaneously generating the results needed to be a high performing team.

5 Things the Students Will Learn:
1. How to tap into employee motivation
2. Setting clear expectations
3. Holding team members accountable
4. Two way feedback between manager & employee
5. Strategies for approaching employee management as a real time coach